Busy and my summer guilty pleasures

A pic from CSI Teens last week. We're getting ready to lift fingerprints from glass!
A pic from CSI Teens last week. We’re getting ready to lift fingerprints from glass!

So I’m doing a really bad job of this whole “post-two-times-a-week” thing. I’m sorry. I’ve been skipping Thursday with programming doubled over the summer and trying to take time to get the beach (GUYS! The water was so warm on Thursday – probably because it was 95 degrees all week – that I actually was in the water swimming for about an hour. This is fairly unusual. The water is very cold.).

I’ve been reading a fair amount as well. I’m trying to get through In Sunlight and in Shadow by Mark Helprin. The writing is very good – though maybe not as heartbreakingly lovely as Winter’s Tale – but the story is slow. It’s taking me a while. I also had to take a mini-break from that to read Neil Gaiman’s newest, The Ocean at the End of the Lane. It was good: a creepy fable about remembering your childhood and how you can’t really go back even if you try. Oh, and witches made of rotting clothes, worms digging into your flesh, and the ocean of birth and rebirth located in the yard of some immortal creatures, you guessed it, at the end of the lane.

It was good, but it’s short and I wish that it had a little bit more substance to it. But I suppose I really want everything Gaiman writes to be as epic and vast as American Gods. I think I was also hoping that this would be a good, thick, creepy fantasy that would tide me over until (probably) next year from Lev Grossman’s The Magician’s Land comes out. It didn’t quite fit that bill for me and I cannot stand the wait for that book. The first two books of that series have given me two of the most terrifying nightmares of my life . . . and I still want to read the third one!

I was telling a librarian friend yesterday that my summer ‘guilty pleasure’ reading is adult fiction because I know I really should be reading YA, but sometimes I want to read about adults! After I finish the Helprin I have my newly signed copy of The Engagements to sink my teeth into while I’m at Librarian Summer Camp aka NELLS 2013. Then I’ll get back to YA once all of my summer programming is done.

Speaking of programming I have Candy Sushi (I’ll will hopefully have my instructions/experience up nest Sunday, but in the meantime I’m following these instructions), a clay program run by an outside expert (outside performers/teachers are my favorite!), and CC the Huntress, a paranormal investigator! Hopefully CC will tell us if the library is truly haunted by the ghost of Mrs. Nevins!

Until next week friends. Any adult fiction I need to read before I go back to full time YA?

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