My Printz Year So Far…

Hey everyone! I wanna talk about what I'm doing this Printz year! Oh wait. I can't. Gotta keep it professional and secret. I can say that I'm doing a ton of reading and I wish that I could tell you about it. I can't really so I'll just say that I'm reading a ton of … Continue reading My Printz Year So Far…


2017 Book Demographics

I like to keep track of what I'm reading both for bragging rights - heck yeah I read over 100 books a year! - and also because it's hard to remember what I've read. Patrons ask for book recommendations and there are times when my mind just goes blank and I can't recall a single … Continue reading 2017 Book Demographics

A bit shit but also wonderful: the 2017 story

OK, OK, 2017 was A LOT shit in many ways. The government is constantly trying to take away/destroy things I care about - like human rights, the environment, libraries, health care, being able to live and pay my bills in general - and every day there seems to be another mass shooting. Add onto that … Continue reading A bit shit but also wonderful: the 2017 story

Save IMLS because libraries are essential

If you didn't hear that Trump is planning on cutting funds to SO MANY ESSENTIAL programs, then here you go. Also, some of these essential programs include the Institute of Museum and Library Services, an important source of funding for libraries and museums in the U.S. I want to talk a little bit about IMLS … Continue reading Save IMLS because libraries are essential