My Printz Year – it’s getting wild

Hi all - thought I'd pop back in to do another Printz year update! Again, I can't talk about any of the titles that I've been reading except to say that there are so amazing and incredible books being published this year. I feel so privileged and lucky to be able to be part of … Continue reading My Printz Year – it’s getting wild


My Printz Year So Far…

Hey everyone! I wanna talk about what I'm doing this Printz year! Oh wait. I can't. Gotta keep it professional and secret. I can say that I'm doing a ton of reading and I wish that I could tell you about it. I can't really so I'll just say that I'm reading a ton of … Continue reading My Printz Year So Far…

Coming out a reading slump

Ever had a reading slump? One where you either can't seem to focus on a book or don't like anything that you've been reading? I think I've been in one for the last few months. I've been having some anxiety about the world, our garbage-fire racist sexist President, and work and health stuff. That's been … Continue reading Coming out a reading slump