My Printz Year So Far…

Hey everyone! I wanna talk about what I'm doing this Printz year! Oh wait. I can't. Gotta keep it professional and secret. I can say that I'm doing a ton of reading and I wish that I could tell you about it. I can't really so I'll just say that I'm reading a ton of … Continue reading My Printz Year So Far…


Busy and my summer guilty pleasures

So I'm doing a really bad job of this whole "post-two-times-a-week" thing. I'm sorry. I've been skipping Thursday with programming doubled over the summer and trying to take time to get the beach (GUYS! The water was so warm on Thursday - probably because it was 95 degrees all week - that I actually was … Continue reading Busy and my summer guilty pleasures

Three adult books at once and other updates

Yup, I'm reading THREE grownup books at the same time and coincidentally, two of the three authors are married to each other! I'm in the middle of listening to A Voyage Long and Strange by Tony Horwitz (author of the excellent Confederates in the Attic,¬†which I read last year) which is about the early history … Continue reading Three adult books at once and other updates