A full week

This week’s excuse for not posting on Thursday? It’s been a long, full week. We had three programs this week at the library that I was fairly heavily involved in: CSI Teens on Wednesday, J. Courtney Sullivan visiting on Thursday, and the Boston Bruins Rookie Day Summer Reading Kickoff on Friday. Whew! It was a long week. With these programs and two prep-intensive programs this week, I feel like summer reading has finally kicked into high gear. 

Since I’m a dumdum, I have the pictures from CSI Teens on my work computer (I had to borrow a camera) and haven’t even had time since Wednesday to upload them to Flickr or anything. It’s been busy! But, we had a great time at the program. We learned about finger printing and shoe prints, then had a chance to lift our own prints off a glass and investigate a crime! The kids loved it, they even sat through a little lecture about the different fingerprint patterns and remembered the content! I realized afterwards that this could totally count as STEM programming, too, which is an awesome plus!

Also, J. Courtney Sullivan was at the library on Thursday to promote her book newest book, The Engagements. She was such a delight. Her book sounds amazing and there were some great questions in the audience. One was about the lack of like-able characters in Maine, which I don’t really agree with – they are complicated and difficult, but still worth reading about – and I got to ask her about her feminism and how that interacts with the publishing industry. The short answer? It’s really frustrating and male authors definitely get different treatment. Sullivan said that when she received the email from her publishers that had the cover for Maine, she thought it was a mistake; that is was for someone else’s book. She really didn’t want a woman in a bikini on the cover! Another amusing aside related to the cover of the book was that while it’s mostly women who read her books, the men who read Maine read it on an e-reader. Those devices make all sorts of books less embarrassing!

I will admit that I totally nerded-out/got too emotional with J. Courtney Sullivan at the signing portion of the evening. There’s a line in her first book, Commencement, which I really, really liked even more than Maine, that goes something along the lines of, “There so many different ways to be 26.” With my tough year so far, I really needed to hear that so of course I had to tell her all about it. I think she appreciated it. I know I appreciated that she wrote that. It’s going to be my new mantra for these last two months of my 26th year. I expect then, that I will make a change and think, “There are so many different ways to be 27…”

And Friday with the Bruins. It was so great! How did we get 8 Bruins rookies to come to the library to play hockey with kids, make crafts and read books? The Boston Bruins sponsor the summer reading program that we take part in and every year MBLC holds a contest to see who will host one of five visits by the Bruins. We applied, telling the Bruins and MBLC how amazing our library and summer reading programs are and we won! Not only did we win one of the five visits, we won the big, first visit with all the rookies! Yippee!

It was A LOT of work to organize even with the Bruins and MBLC doing most of the work. We still had to invite 75 kids, get them to sign photo releases, make sure they showed up on time, separate them into three groups, organize three different activities for the groups to rotate through, decorate the library, dress up in Bruins gear, and even more stuff that I can’t even remember at this point! We basically worked on it all day and pulled in extra staff to help cover desks because most of this was happening while the library was still open! Everyone on staff did a great job and I think that there is no way we could have done it without our great staff. 🙂

Our three activities were playing floor hockey in our great hall, decorating paper goalie masks and pennants, and listening to a story read by the Bruins. Here’s a few pictures:


This is the hockey portion with Jay Atkinson, our partner in the Skate & Read program that happens in the winter and one of the rookies (in the striped polo). 


I love the concentration in the Bruins rookie here! The kids were also really into the crayons; I had to push them to ask the players questions. They really just wanted to decorate. I can understand that.

Overall, it was a great week but I was so tired Friday night that after I got home late, I drank a gin and ginger and fell asleep on the couch watching “Dateline.” Apparently, I’m an old lady!

More fun updates after this week. I’ve got henna tattoos and making garden stones coming up. I got to buy concrete for the library for that one. Don’t you wish that you had my job? 




4 thoughts on “A full week

  1. Well Anna, you do an amazing job as YA Librarian at such a great Library that in many ways is my second home.

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