lcarslibrarian: It’s Dot Com!

Bienvenidos a!

Yes, that’s right, I’ve changed my website-address-URL-thingy! Look at me go! Dazzle at my use of interwebs language!

But seriously, I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. The “.wordpress.” bit of the address was starting to harsh my mellow, as the cool kids say. So, it’s official. If you need to adjust your RSS/Feedly (RIP Google Reader)/furious typing to see my posts, please do so at this time.

In the meantime, hold your breath tomorrow for my Hub post about happy LGBTQ YA literature. I’m a little nervous about it. Maybe it’s just because I feel a little weird being a straight person writing about LGBTQ books. But I should probably get over it, preemptively apologize if I’m stupid through being well-intentioned, and move on. Plus, it I could only read and write about the literature of straight, white, cisgendered ladies like myself, I’d get pretty bored. I’ve had some great conversations about this topic in the last few weeks so my goal on Sunday is to write about what it means to write and read outside of your culture, and whether or not, writing specifically, that’s ok.

Finally, before I go I have to give a shameless plug for my library. This weekend we are hosting a Civil War Encampment on our library’s grounds. It is a big, celebratory end to the first half of our year long community reads program, “Methuen Remembers the Civil War.” We will have cannons shooting off every hour, Civil War soldier re-enactors including Gen. Grant and President Lincoln, cavalry, games, food, and more programs. It’s going to be awesome! Many of our librarians are dressing up for the occasion, including yours truly:

I'm wearing three layers of clothes on top and five layers on the bottom. I may never get to the bathroom on Saturday.
I’m wearing three layers of clothes on top and five layers on the bottom. I may never get to the bathroom on Saturday.

Please forgive the terrible photo quality and the near-helmet hair: I need a better flash and a haircut. I’m borrowing the dress from a friend of a friend (maybe a new friend now? maybe?!) from college. Thanks a million, Sarah!

If you’re interested and in the area, download our schedule (Nevins Memorial Library Encampment) and come and see us! Or follow my live updates from the library’s teen Twitter account with the hastgag #nevinsencampment.

See you Saturday! The Union forever, hurrah, boys, hurrah!

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