This weekend was our much-talked about, highly anticipated Civil War Encampment. It finished off our spring session of our Community Reads program, "Methuen Remembers the Civil War." We will start back with more Civil War programming in the fall (and the staff and patrons may just mutiny....) after a break for summer reading. I was … Continue reading Encampment!

lcarslibrarian: It’s Dot Com!

Bienvenidos a lcarslibrarian.com! Yes, that's right, I've changed my website-address-URL-thingy! Look at me go! Dazzle at my use of interwebs language! But seriously, I've been meaning to do this for a while. The ".wordpress." bit of the address was starting to harsh my mellow, as the cool kids say. So, it's official. If you need … Continue reading lcarslibrarian: It’s Dot Com!