2017 Book Demographics

I like to keep track of what I'm reading both for bragging rights - heck yeah I read over 100 books a year! - and also because it's hard to remember what I've read. Patrons ask for book recommendations and there are times when my mind just goes blank and I can't recall a single … Continue reading 2017 Book Demographics

2016: The Good Stuff

It’s time for the 2016 year in review. As I mentioned in my best books of the year post, a lot of 2016 was shit. But we know that; I’d rather talk about some of the good stuff that happened this year. The good stuff is what is going to sustain me going forward. Yeah … Continue reading 2016: The Good Stuff

Current Gordon College and OneGordon news

"If gay and lesbian community activists have been treated 10 years ago the way that Gordon College has been treated in the last 9 months, they would have been significantly silenced, not have had any of their opportunities. So some of the very people who were at one time, by their own sort of perspective, … Continue reading Current Gordon College and OneGordon news

Letter to Gordon College President Lindsay

I realize that this is not about libraries but this is important. Last week I read an article during a break at work shared by a friend on Facebook saying that Gordon College, my alma mater, had affixed its name to a document that urges the White House to  include a religious exemption in a forthcoming … Continue reading Letter to Gordon College President Lindsay