Weekend Roundup

As I talked about on Thursday, I had a busy and exciting weekend. I was lucky to volunteer for the Massachusetts Poetry Festival on Friday and Saturday and attend events for free. Other than volunteering for a workshop on erotic poetry – which was hilarious because I’m super immature – the highlight was Saturday night. I got introduced to two amazing poets Eduardo C. Corral and Terrance Hayes. Corral writes in English and Spanish about a gay Chicano experience, and while that’s not my experience his words we so powerful. One line that’s going to stay with me for a while as I think about whether or not it is true, or can be true, is: “A heart can only be broken once, like a window.”

Then Terrance Hayes spoke and he was funny, and serious and had these amazing longer poems that always had the best closing lines. And he’s a very attractive man, which really has nothing to do with his writing. But I just may have a crush on him now. Google him, he’s cute.

Then Sharon Olds read her poems and I must have cried the whole time. Her words are so visceral and while I can’t totally connect to all of her experiences, her words always seem to sit heavy on my chest. It’s a happy, comforting weight. I tried to tell her this when she signed my copy of The Dead and the Living – I wanted to bring the Gold Cell since that’s what started it all, but it has someone else’s name in the cover since I got it second hand – but I couldn’t. I got nervous and teary and all I could say was, “Thank you,” about a million times. I started to write a poem about it. Maybe someday I’ll send it to her.

Then the half marathon, where I accomplished a goal and personal record by finishing under 2 hours. I also just plan finished, which I didn’t particularly feel like because there were so many hills. Rockport and Gloucester are surprisingly hilly. But I the knowledge that my car was still about 4 miles away and if I gave up, I’d have to walk back. So I just ran. I think I’ll run all of my races in the Midwest from now on!

I know the blog has been less than totally librarian-ish the last few months, but I hope you’re ok with that. I will say that I’m working on a review of new YA short story anthologies of different genre for my Hub post this month, which will go up on the 16th. I also just finished listening to When Everything Changed about the history of the women’s movement. It definitely made me appreciate those who came before me and all the injustices and trials they endured.

It made me very thankful . . . and then today I saw this website for the “Skirtchaser 5K,” a race where women are encouraged to wear skirts and they get a 3 minute head start on the men. Then the men “chase” them (sound terrifying to anyone else?) and then you’re supposed to party with your chasers afterwords and get dates. Or something. It just seems like they’ve got the wrong idea. If you want to wear a sporty skirt thing when you run that’s fine, I just think it’s dumb. It’s exercise and exercise that doesn’t necessary have a history or tradition of playing in skirts attached to it like tennis or field hockey. So it seems like you could just wear pants and maybe not have to worry about people chasing you even if it’s in the spirit of ‘fun.’

I really can't even imagine wearing this to go run. Blech.
I really can’t even imagine wearing this to go run. Blech.

Maybe I’m just not fun; we’ve still got a lot of things to overcome, ladies.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup

  1. Wow, being chased by men while wearing a skirt is not what athletics is about. I wouldn’t participate in something like that. I guess I’m “no fun” either!

  2. I did a Zumba class where the instructor was a tiny Latin lady wearing a workout skirt. I made a joke to my friend about how all of the instructor’s moves looked so much more sassy than mine because of her skirt but my friend (who is a Brook’s sponsored Olympic aspirational marathon runner) didn’t get my joke and told me I could use her Brook’s discount to buy a running skirt. I decided to just stick with my weird old yoga pants.

    1. That’s so cool that you have a super fast friend! And cool that you’ve done zumba. I’m too scared to try because I’m not what you would call coordinated. Weird old yoga pants are the best for exercise, for sure!

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