2013: A year that was both terrible and amazing

It's that time of the year again: it's time for everyone to write their year end wrap ups. I'm nothing if not a slave to fashion, so here I am writing my 2013 wrap up.┬áIn a lot of ways 2013 was sort of wretched: My grandmother died. Two quick words of fashion/lifestyle advice from my … Continue reading 2013: A year that was both terrible and amazing

I think I’m not NaNo-ing

Today's post is a little hodgepodge of notes. I still feel like I'm reeling from the crazy month of October. I've been to Portland, ME, Worcester, the Cape, ran a marathon, did two conferences, and somehow have had a really busy social calendar. This means that some things have gone by the wayside, like reading! … Continue reading I think I’m not NaNo-ing

21 miles to Boston

Monday morning while I was watching the elite women run the Boston marathon, I wrote a post about National Library Week. I made witty jokes about confusing Patriot's Day for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. I talked about the value of libraries and today, Support Teen Literature day. I intended to post it … Continue reading 21 miles to Boston