Mass Poetry Festival and weekend excitement

This is going to be a quick post since I have to finish the book (Ruby Red) for my teen book group before I leave for work. Procrastination? Why yes, thank you!

Firstly, if you don’t have plans this weekend (or even if you do) check out the schedule for the Mass Poetry Festival. It’s in my lovely town of Salem all weekend. A great number of amazing people are going to be here: Sharon Olds, Nick Flynn, Andre Dubus III, and lots more. It’s only $15 for a button that gets you into events all weekend. I’m volunteering at some point every day so come stop by and say, “Hello!”

Sharon Olds + her beautiful hair + Me = Destined to be BFFs by Saturday night
Sharon Olds + her beautiful hair + Me = Destined to be BFFs by Saturday night

Secondly, Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby is out next weekend and I’m pretty excited about it. Initially, I was excited because of the sweet Jack White cover of U2’s “Love is Blindess” (an amazing song from an amazing album is may just be the perfect breakup album….) in the trailer. Then I reread the book the other day and remembered that I have always really liked it, and even surprised myself by feeling sympathy for Daisy for perhaps the first time ever. At least until – spoiler alert – she drives away from vehicular manslaughter. Yikes.

It’s also started a bunch of ‘Great American Novel’ discussions amongst my friends which makes me happy. Do I think it’s The Great American Novel? Not really. I’m not sure there is only one Great American Novel, but I think it is a great American novel. (I personally think Moby Dick has a much better shot or perhaps the Grapes of Wrath). I think it captures the times – from what I can tell, obviously I wasn’t there – and the American spirit and ideals.

Plus, I love the style and design of art deco and the 1920s, so while the movie may not be a great adaptation of the book, I bet it’s going to look beautiful.

Thirdly, it’s sunny and warm and nice out. Finally. New England winters are long and with multiple blizzards tacked onto the end of this one, spring is just that much brighter this year.

Now, go outside and frolic in the sunshine, dear Readers.

Edit: Oh, and I’m running a half marathon in Gloucester on Sunday. Somehow I forgot about that.

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