Self promotion and books I can’t wait to read

If for some reason, you need more information about what I’m planning for the library, and you can’t wait for these posts, check out the pinterest page. I have some mini book reviews and what I’m planning on reading up there, too.

Also, look for some sweet upcoming book reviews since I have some highly anticipated books headed by way. Number one: Flesh and Bone by Jonathan Maberry, the third book in my favorite teen zombie series.

It’s probably my favorite zombie entertainment out there – but I’m only in the beginning of The Walking Dead season 2, so that might take over. (A few side notes about The Walking Dead: 1. Lori sucks and I don’t like her, 2. Shane sucks even more and is the worst, and 3. I can’t believe it’s rated “TV-14!” I know the rating system is pretty arbitrary but I’ve seen tons of zombies get shot in the head and on one episode you watch a zombie literally get ripped in half. Gross.)

Number two highly anticipated book: What Came from the Stars by Gary D. Schmidt. It’s a sci-fi novel written by Gary D. Schmidt which means it’s totally going to be amazing! I can’t wait.

Finally, if you’re looking for a YA historical fiction set during the reign of Henry VIII – and who isn’t? – check out Gilt. It’s an interesting take on Catherine Howard, wife #5 who lost her head, and her best friend. A solid, page turning historical fiction. I recommend it if that’s your thing.

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