I survived summer reading

I did! Almost all of my programs went off without a hitch and I think were pretty fun. It’s nice to have a framework to work with for next year and some new ideas, too. I’ll admit I’m a little tired – by the end it seemed like a long summer. But I did it!

On a totally mean side note, I was reading my YALSA listserv this morning to find a post by another librarian talking about how much she hated the book ChimeI felt so vindicated and confirmed in my own sanity! Someone else realizes what a horrible, terrible book that is! O happy day! (Then some people on the listserv got all parental and went on about how we should be nice and remember that sometimes authors subscribe to the list. Lame.)

And finally, courtesy of my dear brother, here’s something to delight you. If you’re a librarian who has a crush on Neil Gaiman (it’s a well known fact that we all have crushes on Neil Gaiman just like we all have cats and are secret strumpets), you’ll be especially delighted.

OH and P.S. A librarian friend of mine is sending me an ARC of What Came from the Stars by Gary D. Schmidt. What a gem!

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