Grown-Up Summer Reading

I talk a lot about summer reading for my patrons on this blog, but today I’m wondering what you are reading this summer or looking forward to reading. Personally, once I’m done finding those elusive happy GLBTQ YA books, I’ll finish The Little Friend. Then I hope to get my hands on Neil Gaiman’s new novel coming out this month. J. Courtney Sullivan, who was recently interviewed as part of an article in Bitch magazine (a favorite of mine), has a new one coming out, too. Plus, she’ll be at my library July 11th. Exciting!  I may read that one, too, because as much I as try not to admit it, I really did like Maine. For some reason I’m embarrassed by this. I suspect because it has a such a lame, women’s fiction-y cover with a lady at the beach. Blech.

Jonathan Franzen would never get a cover like this.....
Jonathan Franzen would never get a cover like this…..

I may also start George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series because I have been watching Game of Thrones and have enjoyed that immensely. I realize it’s really not cool (aka, it’s basically the WORST) to watch the show/movie before reading the books so I’ve got to get on that. Reading the books will be an undertaking and a little break from YA, but YA books can wait. And no, I haven’t seen season three yet and I’m sure I will freak out once I do. I know who dies because of the internet. Until season 3 comes out on DVD I’ll just watch this gif over and over because it makes me laugh.

But what about you? What are your summer reading plans? Do you catch up on the classics or head for the beach reads?

9 thoughts on “Grown-Up Summer Reading

  1. So many books! I started the summer with book 3 of Ice and Fire (this past season worth of GoT apparently? I don’t watch.)

    Just got out Ann Patchett’s ‘State of Wonder.’ and Gretchin Rubin’s “Happier at Home” from the library. I’ll probably read “A Visit from the Good Squad” and YES try and get hands on the new Gaiman.

    I’m excited to hopefully read “Age of Reason” by Sarte (a recommendation and favorite from my blogger friend Marta). I want to read IQ84 by Murakami… but the length scares me – maybe in August after I tackle some of the non-fiction business reads for school and need something as a last summer hurrah.

    1. Neil Gaiman will actually be at Porter Square books in a month: I think I am going to try and go!!!

      You’ve read Gretchen Rubin’s other book, right? And we’ve talked about it, yes? It’s still on my to-read list. I’ll get there some day!

      I, too, have wanted to read IQ84 – or really any Murakami – but am intimidated! Good for you for Sartre, too. I often think I’m going to read classics over the summer and it doesn’t go well! 😉

  2. I’m not a fan of Maine’s cover either. It’s the type of cover that makes me glad I read ebooks. I liked Sullivan’s Commencement (well, the first half of it), and I’ll probably read Maine eventually.

  3. I am sitting at Porter Square Books RIGHT NOW and can confirm that they are all Gaiman-ed out. I’ll be back here tomorrow night to see Claire Messud, whose book is high on my summer reading list.

    1Q84 is amazing. Worth every ounce of its significant heft. Also, Courtney Sullivan graduated in the same college class as me, although we didn’t know each other. I met her later, at the Printers Row Lit Fest in Chicago. I had planned to see her in Cambridge on July 10, but it’s very good to know that she’ll be at your library the very next day…

    Oh, and I think The Twelve Tribes of Hattie is next on my list, although my dad recently lent me his copy of A Very Long Engagement, so I might move that up in honor of Father’s Day.

    1. Very cool! I’m super excited about hopefully getting to see him. I haven’t read any Claire Messud (I’m totally behind on adult fiction and such) but I have heard she is good.

      Perhaps I’ll try and get IQ84 on audio. Somehow listening to them makes them less intimidating!

      That’s so interesting that you were at Smith with Courtney Sullivan! If you do miss her in Cambridge, you’re obviously welcome to come up to Methuen even though it’s definitely not convenient for you. We have a beautiful library and we keep the local bakery in business by always having cake for author visits, so I have that to entice you!

  4. I have plenty of fiction waiting for me. (Daniel Silva, Andrea Camilieri {don’t ask me if that’s spelled right} and Donna Leon. And there’s always the possibility of borrowing an Alexander McCall Smith. Non-fiction, I’m in the middle of a book entitled “The D-Day Spies”.
    I also want to read “The Race to the New World”

      1. I’m currently reading the only available copy in MVLC. Andover’s copy (from my home library) is lost… or it was. The D-day book is called “Double Cross”. It’s written by Ben MacIntyre, whom I am a fan of and I highly recommend.

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