Back from vacation!

Hello all! I’m back from Chicago!

Chicago skyline from the Shedd front steps!
Chicago skyline from the Shedd front steps!

Lovely boyfriend Doug and I went out for a few days to see family, celebrate my Mom’s birthday, and just relax! It was a much needed break after a long summer of solo teen room staffing and a long hiring process. We interviewed five candidates – which was a lot! Everyone was really great and it was a difficult decision, but my new teen buddy is starting next Tuesday. I’ll tell you more about her soon. I think she’s going to be amazing!


Other than hiring the biggest thing I’ve been working on at work has been Girls Who Code. I don’t think that I’ve talked about it here but it’s a BIG program for the library. Girls Who Code is an organization that helps coordinate free coding/programming clubs for girls in grades 6 – 12. It’s a year long program where the girls meet for two hours every week and learn the basics of programming (but not the BASICs of programming, know what I mean?!) and languages like HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, and more. It’s amazing! If you’ve heard of the Tampon Run game, you’ve heard of Girls Who Code. Seriously, it’s an amazing organization and our GWC @ MHL club will be launching next Saturday. It’s been a lot of work, but I’m so excited about it. Right now I have about 40 interested girls for 12 spots. Hopefully next year we can either do more clubs or accommodate more people. We’re limited by the amount of computers and time we have right now. Or maybe the schools will host a lot of clubs and the Merrimack Valley will become like a lady Silicon Valley. I can dream!

Also, my library’s next Pub Trivia will be 11/10 at 7:30 at Andolini’s in Andover. You should come! My cohost Curtis and I basically have the exact same haircut. It’s hilarious and fun to witness.

Finally, if you have extra cash laying around please contribute to WWAC’s Indiegogo. We’re trying to reach our last stretch goal, which will be an emergency fund for WWAC writers. I love this idea! God forbid anything happen to me or my job, but there are a lot of women who write for the site who freelance or just generally are making all their income off writing. I am so impressed and in awe of them, but I know it’s not the most stable job. So help us out if you can.

I’ll leave you with this blurry picture from my birthday because I really wish I knew what was happening here. Cheers!



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