WWAC IndieGoGo and library hiring

I hope that this will be one of the last quick catch up posts for a while. Work has been pretty tiring and I don’t think I anticipated how much it would affect me. It’s not so much that I’m stressed but just tired. I feel that everything for the most part is under control. I have the calendar all set for the next month, and I’m working on November/December now, but I’m just tired of doing it all myself. I realize that this is a problem few teen librarians have and that I should be grateful. And I am, but I got used to having a partner!

This is how I've felt for the last few months.
This is how I’ve felt for the last few months.

Plus, there’s the actual interviewing and hiring. I’ve never done that before – not for a full time position at least – so I’m pretty nervous. The whole process of reviewing applications and talking about interview questions has made me feel like I’m interviewing for my position all over again. I keep thinking, “Why I hire me? I don’t have THAT much experience in x, y, z…” So it’s been hard. I have multiple interviews stretched out over the next two weeks. It’s a big decision and I know that I have a hiring committee with me, but this person and I will work so closely so it feels really monumental.

But the important thing about hiring other than for me to get another buddy, is the the teens of Andover get to have two really great teen librarians who care about them and do awesome things for them. I’m hoping to find a good fit for the teens and myself. (It’s like I’m on a dating show, really….)

After these two weeks? Doug and I are doing to Chicago to hang with my family and relax.

aziz relax

Finally, I talk all the time about writing for Women Write About Comics and how much I love it. Well, if you love it too, please give us money to help jumpstart the website as a sustainable business. We’d really like to do cool things like publish a zine in print, reach more people with our awesome comics and pop culture criticism, and pay writers! It’d be so cool to get paid for writing – 16 year-old Anna’s dream come true! Well, maybe not my exact dream of writing the Great American Novel, so maybe I can write the Great American Blog Post About YA Books And Get Paid For It. That’s my new dream.

par excitedI have a post started about books you should read for the fall. Hopefully next week I can get that out to you!

Thanks for letting me truly express myself through Parks and Recreation gifs.



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