Shameless self promotion

Some of you may know I also write for YALSA’s The Hub* blog every month. If you love YA books it’s a great place for you and if you don’t already read Forever Young Adult, that’s another good place for you as well. This month I got to interview Elizabeth Ross about her Morris finalist book, Belle Epoque. 

It was really fun! We corresponded over email, so we couldn’t get a super great back and forth conversation going, but I had a good time coming up with questions. And Elizabeth was so kind about answering them. It reminded me – not that I really forgot this – that authors are really great and accessible. Not all of them, of course. But it’s really fun in to tweet at someone like Carrie Mesrobian about how amazing her book  Sex & Violence is and have her respond almost immediately! Neat!

Tears are good, Carrie. I just let them flow....
Tears are good, Carrie. I just let them flow….

So, check out the Hub and interact with some YA authors online. They are really fun to talk to!

Finally, and most strangely, someone commented on my Makerspaces post from a while ago and I remembered that I intended to make an Awesome Box happen at my library. I totally forgot! Consider this a public testimony to that fact that I want this to happen. Anyone want to volunteer to remind me in a few weeks if I haven’t made Awesome Box progress? I’m going to put it on my to do list.

Until next time, go read Sex & Violence. Seriously, just do it. It’ll break your heart . . . in a good way.

*This is the The Hub, not the YALSA blog where all sorts of craziness is going down and YALSA was pretty uncool to a lot of people. Check out YABookNerd’s story if you have no idea what I’m talking about.

3 thoughts on “Shameless self promotion

  1. Anna, we have an “awesome box” here at the Pittsfield Library. Typically we take turns putting things in there, but I like it more when our patrons do–they take more ownership in their library, you know? Good stuff!

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