Do all the things!

This has been my summer so far: There have been so many big things that seem to be taking over my (mostly professional) life this summer. First there is summer reading, though that was less stressful than last year. Last year we set up our Volunteen program in a very strange, very time consuming way … Continue reading Do all the things!

Lady lists

Hey all! It's been a while since my last post because it's been busy in the teen room. My schedule has changed for the last few weeks since we were trying to find a new - aide for the teen room. Well, we did interviews and found one! Hopefully now the teen room can get back to … Continue reading Lady lists

I have returned from the land of chicken fried steak

I'm back from Austin and the YA Literature Symposium and had a great time! I wish that I had more time to explore the city and I know I missed out on some food truck awesomeness. It was so nice to hang out with fellow YA lit enthusiasts and learn about new titles. I also really … Continue reading I have returned from the land of chicken fried steak

Saga, Internet-ing teens, bingo, and more

You know those blogs posts or articles where it's the end of the week and they give you a bunch of links to fun and interesting things and then you spend your afternoon working your way through them? Those are fun, right? This is going to be a bit like that, except it's Tuesday and … Continue reading Saga, Internet-ing teens, bingo, and more