Sounding very flaky and in touch with my feelings

This post contains emotions! You’ve been warned. Check back for library things later.

As you know, things have been crazy personally for me this month. Amidst a lot of emotional upheaval, sadness, and frustration, I’ve been thinking a lot about my place in the world. My place as a person, friend, family member, librarian, writer, etc. I’m realizing (and all that upheaval isn’t done yet; I’m still pretty sad) that while this month I’ve felt a little out of place and lost, I still have a place – where I have been all along.*

I have a place in my library and my little city, with my hobbies and friends, at church and with family. I just need to see it all again. And I’m getting there. I remember my place in the universe, too. That I am in it, and it is in me. This is helpful. Basically, I watch this video a lot:

Neil deGrasse Tyson always makes things better. I like being reminded I’ve got bits of planets and stars and galaxies within me.

But with my reminder of my place are opportunities to do new things, to refocus on the things I want to, and to stretch myself a bit. (Not physically stretching myself; I’m committed to being inflexible.) So, I’ve decided some goals specifically for this blog to help me with this. They are:

  • To write more about what I’ve done at my job – because I do cool things at work and people should know about them.
  • To develop a more prescriptive book review format so it makes them easier for me to write them.
  • To write more about current library issues and not just to rant about them.
  • To not start every sentence with “so.” It’s my favorite filler word but it’s got to stop.
  • And to set up a schedule for blogging with the goal of two posts a week.

Hopefully I can achieve these and if not, I’ll have tried. My new blogging schedule will probably mean posts on Thursday and Sunday, so look forward to that. Thanks to all and see you soon.

*I’d just like to say thanks to be person who reminded me of this. Thanks.

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