Books and libraries! (And Star Trek, too)

So, I’m starting a blog and yes, this is it. I’ll be writing about adventures in librarianship and literature, with a focus on YA lit (that’s” Young Adult” or people between the ages of 12 and 18, for those of you out of the loop). I know some other types of literature will sneak in because I read everything. It’s true. I’ve even read Twilight. (Full disclosure: I hated it. I think it might be evil. It’s misogynistic, poorly written, and boring. Ask me about it sometime if you really want my opinion.)

Anyway, I want to write about books, libraries, access, censorship, public service, and all that good librarian stuff, but I know I’ll post personal things on here. I’ll try at least to talk personally in light of literature and the experience of a library. I guess by that I mean I might end up discussing patrons and their, how should I say it, quirks.

Anything else I should mention? Oh, why “lcarslibrarian?” Well, some of you geeks may already know that LCARS stands for Library Computer Access and Retrieval System and that it is used on Federation starships in Star Trek. Actually, now you know two things: what LCARS stands for, and that I’m a pretty big nerd myself. So if given the chance I’d work with LCARS on the Enterprise or maybe in Stellar Cartography. And then become Captain and destroy the Cardassians (or at the very least, the Kardashians).

This should be exciting. Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Books and libraries! (And Star Trek, too)

  1. You may not know, but my first 2 years out of college I worked as an assistant high school librarian. In those two years I consumed a lot of YA books (I’m a huge John Green fan), so I’m really looking forward to seeing what you’re reading and what you have to say. I think this blog is a great idea!

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