Do all the things!

This has been my summer so far: There have been so many big things that seem to be taking over my (mostly professional) life this summer. First there is summer reading, though that was less stressful than last year. Last year we set up our Volunteen program in a very strange, very time consuming way … Continue reading Do all the things!

New job – Eek!

Hi all. Another long time in between posts, I know. But now I can finally say that there has been a reason for the long cold nights in between writing: I got a new job! The process has taken a few months from application, to interviews, to visits, to giving notice and finally, to yesterday, … Continue reading New job – Eek!

Massachusetts Library Association conference 2013

Today I went to the Massachusetts Library Conference in Cambridge (I took a bus! By myself! And got off at the correct stop! Grownup city success! And yes, I do feel like this when I go to Boston.). It was good: I got to see some sweet panels, catch up with librarian friends from around … Continue reading Massachusetts Library Association conference 2013