Craft time: Easy Doctor Who Adipose Plushies!

I promised you a Doctor Who Apidose Plushie tutorial and I'm going to DELIVER! This tutorial is based on Erica Kern's tutorial but made easier for those who don't have a sewing machine or don't want to use a sewing machine with teens. I may try her tutorial some day because it's adorable and really professional looking, … Continue reading Craft time: Easy Doctor Who Adipose Plushies!

The reason I go to work everyday

It's not because I'm supposed to, or because they pay me to, or because it's glamorous. It's because I love working with my patrons, and my teen patrons especially. Yesterday I had a drop-in games and crafts program in our teen space. I had a handful of kids not traveling for school vacation and whose … Continue reading The reason I go to work everyday

Passive programming

A goal for this year at work is to incorporate more passive programming into teen services. I just finished reading Happier at Home which is making want to make goals and resolutions - things I at which I usually scoff derisively - but I do think that they help me get things done. Why passive programming? Because I … Continue reading Passive programming