Libraries are oppressive?

I was browsing my Feedly feed Tuesday - while simultaneously blowing my nose about a million times and realizing I should have stayed home with this killer cold - when this headline from BeerBrarian popped up, "Yes, Libraries are Oppressive. So what now?" , I had one of those record scratching, pumping the brakes, "Whaaa??!?!" moments, and … Continue reading Libraries are oppressive?

World Book Night 2014

In light of this week's earlier post, I thought today I'd write about something a bit happier and more awesome. Well, I did talk about my awesomeness a bit on Monday, but that should be obvious. But some things that are truly great are books and the gift of literature. Wouldn't you love to share … Continue reading World Book Night 2014

How to get people to talk to you at open houses

Spoiler alert: the answer is bribery. Specifically, bribery with candy and T-shirts. School or community open houses are an important part of my job. This year, I've really been trying to be out in the community as much as possible because sometimes you have to meet people where they are. There will always be those … Continue reading How to get people to talk to you at open houses