So happy to be awarded . . . with another snowstorm

JUST KIDDING. I won an actual award that I am happy about. Check it: YALSA honors four members with YALSA writing award!

I am not happy about being awarded more snow. That is a terrible prize so I’m glad that’s not what YALSA is giving away. There’s almost 6 feet of snow on the ground and it’s all been in the last three weeks. It’s usually fairly snowy here in MA but we’re no Buffalo or Rochester, so it’s still a big deal. I swear, come September/October Massachusetts is either going to be #1 in the country for divorces or babies. We’re all spending a lot of time inside.

But anyway, YALSA was lovely enough to honor me with their writing award for my post, Books for Boys that aren’t “Books for Boys”, on the Hub. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: If you like teen books and you’re not reading the Hub, you’re a dummy. And that’s not just because I write for them and they gave me an award! It’s really great!

So thank you YALSA and the YALSA Writing Award Committee! I got a little teary when I found out. Writing – whether it be for the Hub, here, my NaNoWriMo Teen Zombie Novel that is languishing on my laptop, or wherever – is really important to me. It’s nice to know that other people like it. Thanks again.

9 thoughts on “So happy to be awarded . . . with another snowstorm

  1. Yaaay Anna! I hope the award brings a new round of readers to that wonderful post (and to The Hub). Lots of luck with tomorrow’s new round of snow…

    1. Thank you! Writing has been great for me, too! It’s such a lovely time. There are some months that I’m scrambling to come up with a post – ok a LOT of months because I’m a bit of a procrastinator – but it’s a really good exercise for me. Plus, there are so many great people who write for it!

      You know last month when TIME released their list of the “Best books for Young Adults of all time” or whatever it was called, I read it and had all these annoyed thoughts about all they were missing/getting wrong. I thought I might write about it but got distracted. Then you wrote your thoughts for the Hub and it was so spot on to what I was thinking! Great post!

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