Sometimes I want to be a Children’s Librarian

Mostly, I want to be a Children’s Librarian when I hear about programs like this one over at the Show Me Librarian (Missouri! My birth-state!) where they had a professional ballerina come to talk about ballet, read a book, do some crafts, and take photos. Seriously!? This is such a fantastic idea. She even teaches them little steps and wears her costume! I’m not even a big girlie-girl or a huge ballet fan and I think this would be amazing!

Then other times I remember boogers; there are less boogers in YA. At my library all children’s books circulate at the Main Desk, so there is a booger possibility – and last week a kid spit on the desk for no reason, the little cherub – but it’s fairly low. I did have a highly traumatic incident where I got an adult booger on me through a library card exchange. I had to run to the bathroom and scrub my hands immediately afterword. Kids boogers are gross but you have to take the age of a booger producer into account. Adult boogers are unacceptable.


Boogers. Gross.
Boogers. Ick.

That’s it for day. I think I’ve hit an all-time high of the amount of times I’ve used “booger” in a blog post. Actually, it’s probably the most times I used “booger” in anything I’ve ever written. I’m so proud of myself. Go out there and exceed your expectations today, friends!

3 thoughts on “Sometimes I want to be a Children’s Librarian

  1. This post didn’t exactly make me “lol” (I have to be careful about audible laughter when Alma is around. She hears laughter and wants to know what’s funny… then I find myself down a long road of trying to explain dry humor to her. It’s never pretty) but it definitely made me “sol” (snort out loud). Touche.

    1. I like “sol” though I do fear the abbreviation might be confused with that other “sol” which, if you ask my mother, stands for “shit on a log.” That’s one of my favorite things she’s ever said!

      1. I just read this post and these replies and it made me lol. sol, for me in this context, would be what I do when I fall asleep in the chair and it wakes me up! (lol!)

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