A librarian’s prayer (or this librarian’s prayer)

Dear God,

Please let me get through summer reading without getting bodily dismembered by rabid middle schoolers – especially on those days when I have to address 300 of them at once on the last hour of the day on a Friday in June. Please.



P.S. Ok, this isn’t really a P.S. to God, it’s to all seven of my readers: More book reviews coming soon but in the meantime go read this book if you like space. Or if you don’t. It’s really good and you’ll annoy your friends for a week by saying, “Hey! Wanna hear this cool fact about space?” Here’s an example that is not about space but is super weird: dolphins have prehensile penises. Here’s another that is about space: if we send people to Mars, unless we can figure out a way to prevent the massive amount of bone loss that you would probably suffer in that much time in space (like 50% or more), astronauts will land from the mission and their legs will literally snap underneath them. Science is fun!


5 thoughts on “A librarian’s prayer (or this librarian’s prayer)

  1. I liked “The Elegant Universe” for the same reasons. For a week I kept waking Melissa up in the middle of the night to say things like: “hey did you know that we don’t technically exist?”

      1. …and he came to the Museum of Science to speak and I was too intimidated to approach him but he fielded about a hundred questions from his interviewer that amounted to variations on “so, you can’t really be serious, right?”

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