Blog Fail (and book reviews)

Oh gosh. It’s been almost three weeks since I’ve posted. Sorry, folks. I can’t even really claim Battlestar Galactica as my excuse this time because I finished a few weeks or so ago. Amazing. If you haven’t watched it you need to so we can remain friends (cough cough, brother-in-law, cough cough)!

I’ve also been busy on the YA/my actual job front. As I’ve mentioned earlier, the Hunger Games movie is out and I had been working on a program. No shooting people with fake bows and arrows; I’ve already mentioned how I’m not into that. Just a survival-type game, some trivia, and a movie ticket drawing. But I’ve had to gather all sorts of supplies for the game like sleeping bags, toy swords, hammers, and make fake provisions and medicine bottles. I ended up having 25 kids for the program; 10 of them were boys! Boys count for double! It was great.

Also, regarding the Hunger games movie, I saw it on Friday and I thought they did a good job. Suzanne Collins was one of the screenwriters so that helps a ton. There were a few things they changed that I didn’t like but for the most part it was good. The casting was really great except for one exception: Buttercup! She’s supposed to be orange!

To make up for my lack of posts, here’s some quick and dirty book reviews, both YA and grownup.

Destiny of the Republic by Candace Millard: Nonfiction about the assassination of President Garfield. He was shot by a lunatic but he doctors weren’t much better. This was before the American acceptance of anti-septic surgery so if his doctors had practiced that and not stuck their dirty fingers into his bullet wound about 10 times a day, it wouldn’t have taken him 2 months to die from infection. Yay history!

Prom Dates from Hell by Rosemary Clement-Moore. I LURVE Clement-Moore!  She might be my new favorite, go-to YA paranormal/fluff writer. The main character hilariously fights demons at Prom. If you’re looking for a smart, plucky heroine combating the forces of evil, look no further.

The Lost City of Z by David Grann. More nonfiction about searching for a lost explorer in the Amazon. Not as good as I thought it would be, but still very interesting.

There is no Dog by Meg Rosoff. This was the YA book that was promised a review. The premise is that God is a horny, lazy, and inept 16 year old boy named Bob who got the job (of God) because his mom won it in a poker game. I expected hijinks and hilarious explanations of world religions. Not so much. It kind of fizzled out and was a bit disappointing.

I just started Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. I’ll let you know how that goes and try to be better about updating!

5 thoughts on “Blog Fail (and book reviews)

  1. I’ll comment on your non-fiction book. After reading it, I wondered what the country lost when Garfield was assassinated. He sounded like an incredible person. If the doctors practiced sterile procedures and didn’t stick their grubby little fingers into his wound, he probably would have survived.

  2. Also, The Fault in our Stars, Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, The Night Circus, The Swerve. And today I picked up Typhoid Mary: Captive of the Pubic Health. All your recommendations. except the last, which is what you get when a Hark! A Vagrant comic has you following her links at the bottom and the book she references looks interesting 🙂

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