After School Special

Last Friday I had one of those dreaded moments in a job: the moment where you think, "Why am I doing this again?" Friday afternoons in the Teen Room at the library are Crazytown. During the week, some of the kids who would potentially come to the library have sport or activities but on Fridays … Continue reading After School Special

The post-summer reading “lull”

Now that Summer Reading is over and the lull after summer reading is over, it's into Planning Time now. Yup, Capital Letter-type Planning. Since we don't start our regularly schedule programs until October, September has been a bit of a catch up month. I feel like I barely did any collection development during July and … Continue reading The post-summer reading “lull”

Teens online and grownups in the library

Just a quick note to say that I'm currently reading It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens and I'm not even done and I can already recommend it to everyone! Yes, everyone! If you work with teens, have a teens, see teens, hear tales of teens, think you might have once been a teen, … Continue reading Teens online and grownups in the library

The reason I go to work everyday

It's not because I'm supposed to, or because they pay me to, or because it's glamorous. It's because I love working with my patrons, and my teen patrons especially. Yesterday I had a drop-in games and crafts program in our teen space. I had a handful of kids not traveling for school vacation and whose … Continue reading The reason I go to work everyday