2013: A year that was both terrible and amazing

It's that time of the year again: it's time for everyone to write their year end wrap ups. I'm nothing if not a slave to fashion, so here I am writing my 2013 wrap up.┬áIn a lot of ways 2013 was sort of wretched: My grandmother died. Two quick words of fashion/lifestyle advice from my … Continue reading 2013: A year that was both terrible and amazing

NELA roundup and marathon preview

Hello friends! I'm finally back from Busyland. (Or Busytown! Shoutout to Richard Scarry!) Well, I'm almost back. I still have a few things to do before I feel like I can really say that my crazy busy month is over. Mostly it's the marathon that I'm going to be running in a few days. A … Continue reading NELA roundup and marathon preview

Library camp AKA NELLS 2013

I forgot to post on Sunday because I was getting ready for 'Library Camp' also known as NELLS 2013! I mentioned NELLS here before but if you've forgotten it's the New England Library Leadership Symposium put on about every other year by the New England Library Association (NELA). NELA's website says the purpose of NELLS … Continue reading Library camp AKA NELLS 2013