My Best Books of 2015

Hello! Yes, yes, I'm a terrible poster. I know that I've truly failed because my friend Jenny had a BABY and has posted way more than me. I don't even have a baby to show for it. I have . . . been working on my winter weight? I don't know. (I am posting at … Continue reading My Best Books of 2015

ALA’s Youth Media Awards 2015 (and another blizzard)

Sunday was a pretty great day. This happened: And simultaneously this happened: And yes, the Patriots won the Superbowl and there was much rejoicing in New England! Then my library closed for Monday because there was another 8-12 inches of snow headed our way.¬†For some schools Monday was the fifth snow day in a row … Continue reading ALA’s Youth Media Awards 2015 (and another blizzard)

Because survival is insufficient

Listen up: Station Eleven is about a traveling symphony that performs symphonies (duh) and Shakespeare all across post-plague ravaged Michigan because survival is insufficient. Oh yeah, that's a Star Trek quote (Voyager, but STILL) and a comic features quite heavily. Despite the fact that I was reading about a plague that kills 99% of those … Continue reading Because survival is insufficient

The last week of summer reading

Summer reading is almost over! It's the final countdown! Don't get me wrong - I like summer reading programs. Well, at least I like the library programming aspect of it, I'm not always too keen on required reading lists. I think students should be allowed and encouraged to read whatever they want instead of choosing … Continue reading The last week of summer reading