Massachusetts Library Association conference 2013

Today I went to the Massachusetts Library Conference in Cambridge (I took a bus! By myself! And got off at the correct stop! Grownup city success! And yes, I do feel like this when I go to Boston.). It was good: I got to see some sweet panels, catch up with librarian friends from around … Continue reading Massachusetts Library Association conference 2013

Maureen Johnson burns Stephenie Meyer

I just finished reading The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson. It's a YA mystery where someone in London is recreating Jack the Ripper's murders. Rory, an exchange student from Louisiana, is caught up in the middle. I read it in about 24 hours and really liked it. The writing was sharp, fresh, and … Continue reading Maureen Johnson burns Stephenie Meyer

Don’t ask for your summer reading in March

A patron called the library this last Saturday about the summer reading list for a Catholic school in the area that my library serves. In my opinion, this particular school does a good job with their summer reading: there are three books on the list for all high school grades and if the students read … Continue reading Don’t ask for your summer reading in March

Book theft and the purpose of libraries

Reading the YALSA listserv can be infuriating (and nerve-wracking) but I still do it everyday. I never post a reply which makes me a creepy lurker but it's often because I don't usually have too much to say. Today is different! I have something to say! Well, at least something to say to all of … Continue reading Book theft and the purpose of libraries