Books you should read: Summer 2015 edition

Friends! I am on vacation next week so I'm going to get this out to you as soon as possible. I assume you want book recommendations because who doesn't? So I'm going to give them to you quick and dirty (hehe). Books I read this summer that you should read if you . . . … Continue reading Books you should read: Summer 2015 edition

I finally read Gone Girl! Hello 2012!

I realize that everyone else in the world has read Gone Girl, but I finally got around to it. At first, because I'm a jerk, I didn't read it because it was popular and everyone was reading. If everyone likes it, it must appeal to the common masses and therefore is crap. I am not … Continue reading I finally read Gone Girl! Hello 2012!

Summer reads and new projects

Generally, I support people making their own summer reading decisions. I'm fairly against prescribed summer reading lists but these are books that I think you should read because you would like them. Plus, you are all adults and I can't actually tell you what to do. But if you do want recommendations here are some … Continue reading Summer reads and new projects

Professional happenings

Goodness have things been busy in Anna-land! I saw sick for a few days, recovered, then went to New Hampshire, and of course worked, too. In this time, some fun things have been happening professionally. I got appointed to a YALSA committee: the Research Journal Advisory Board! Cool! This is what we do: "YALSA's Research … Continue reading Professional happenings

Garth Nix’s Abhorsen series

When the book Clariel, a prequel to Garth Nix's Abhorsen series, came out earlier this year I was excited but also worried. I loved the Abhorsen books in middle and high school, but would I still love them if I re-read them? Sometimes re-reading books reminds you who much you loved and still love them, … Continue reading Garth Nix’s Abhorsen series