Summer reads and new projects

Generally, I support people making their own summer reading decisions. I'm fairly against prescribed summer reading lists but these are books that I think you should read because you would like them. Plus, you are all adults and I can't actually tell you what to do. But if you do want recommendations here are some … Continue reading Summer reads and new projects

Professional happenings

Goodness have things been busy in Anna-land! I saw sick for a few days, recovered, then went to New Hampshire, and of course worked, too. In this time, some fun things have been happening professionally. I got appointed to a YALSA committee: the Research Journal Advisory Board! Cool! This is what we do: "YALSA's Research … Continue reading Professional happenings

I’m not going to finish the Hub Challenge

Unless, that is, I can read 10 books before Sunday. Unlikely. What is the Hub Challenge, you say? It's put on by YALSA and their blog the Hub (I write for them, even as we speak I'm writing a post for Friday!). The goal is to read 25 of the books from YALSA's award lists … Continue reading I’m not going to finish the Hub Challenge